25 bình luận cho “Simple Solo Off Grid Log Cabin Build: Gables, Purlins, Ridge beam.

  1. Hey, Kyle…
    Sure looking good.
    Wondering if working on this one brings back some good memories of building your other cabins?
    Really cool that you'll have these videos to look back on one day.
    Take care…

  2. Looks great! I'm really looking forward to seeing how you do the roof, and especially the floor inside. Very educational. As I am in Minnesota too, I was curious what you use to preserve those popple logs from rot. (Definitely helps to debark them!)

  3. It's always amazing watching you build. You have it down to a science. I always get nervous when you are taking the bark off the logs and the blade is coming toward you. You get so much done all by yourself and me not being able to walk, can't even find someone to build me shelves. Skeeter is a terrific dog, he always makes me smile. Take care. Tell Cierra hello, haven't seen her for awhile. –TGG

  4. Beautiful…. Kyle you are a beast. Hard working young man, you deserve the freedom you have obtained.

  5. How much shrinkage do you calculate the sides will settle, any rule of thumb for us novices ?
    I know denser, heavier woods shrink less, but I have no idea. I luv this cabin build and that ea log edge touches.
    It rocks !

  6. Very impressive! I love watching your videos! Seeing Skeeter helping you by “cutting down a tree” that was priceless!

  7. Hey thanks again for that awesome video always happy to watch you can't wait for the next one..

  8. Kyle, your Vikings needs a new kicker, lol. My youngest brother is a Vikes fan, and complains, yells, about them needing a kicker, amoung other things. LOL. Nice Work on your new little cabin- it looks really good.

  9. Nice job Kyle, we are very familiar with that country side and know the snow will soon be flying. Keep up the good work and we really enjoy watching your progress and videos!!!

  10. I can't explain why, but seeing those chickens ranging around in the woods makes me so happy. I'm a Kyle's Chickens superfan.

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